Jeep Wagoneer/Commando/Cherokee 1984-1998

Emissions Maintenance Reminder Light


See Figures 1 and 2

Some Jeep vehicles are equipped with an Emissions Maintenance Reminder (EMR) light. The EMR light comes on after the vehicle has reached 82,500 miles (132,767 km) and informs the owner when oxygen sensor and other related emissions service is required. The light is located in the instrument cluster.

The oxygen sensor and EMR module are interdependent. When the reminder light illuminates, the oxygen sensor and EMR module should be replaced simultaneously. This is important in ensuring proper engine performance.


The maintenance reminder cannot be reset after reaching the specified mileage, the unit must be replaced. The unit is mounted on the dash panel to the right of the steering column. To replace the reminder module:

  1. Remove the attaching screws and disengage the reminder electrical connector.
  3. Install the connector to the new EMR and replace the attaching screws.

On vehicles equipped with cruise control, the cruise control module may need to be moved to gain access to the EMR.

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Fig. Fig. 1: On earlier model vehicles it is sometimes necessary to remove the cruise control module to gain access to the emissions maintenance reminder

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Fig. Fig. 2: Emissions maintenance reminder removal