Jeep Wagoneer/Commando/Cherokee 1984-1998



Removal & Installation

  1. Remove the transmission and transfer case.
  3. Remove the clutch or torque converter, from the flywheel. The flywheel bolts should be loosened a little at a time in a cross pattern to avoid warping the flywheel. On vehicles with manual transmission, replace the pilot bearing in the end of the crankshaft if removing the flywheel.
  5. The flywheel should be checked for cracks and glazing. It can be resurfaced by a machine shop.
  7. Installation is the reverse of removal. Tighten the bolts a little at a time in a cross pattern, to the following torque specifications:

    2.1L Engine (diesel)-44 ft. lbs. (60 Nm)
    2.5L Engine (1984-93)-50 ft. lbs. (68 Nm), plus an additional 60°
    2.5L Engine (1994-98)-105 ft. lbs. (142 Nm)
    2.8L Engine-44-55 ft. lbs. (60-75 Nm)
    4.0L Engine-105 ft. lbs. (142 Nm)
    5.2L Engine-55 ft. lbs. (75 Nm)
    5.9L Engine-55 ft. lbs. (75 Nm)