Jeep Wrangler/YJ 1987-1995 Repair Guide

Brake Disc (Rotor)



See Figures 1, 2 and 3

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Fig. Fig. 1: Removing one of the rotor retainers

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Fig. Fig. 2: After removing the rotor retainers, slide the rotor off the studs

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Fig. Fig. 3: Removing the rotor from the vehicle

Brake shoes may contain asbestos, which has been determined to be a cancer causing agent. Never clean the brake surfaces with compressed air! Avoid inhaling any dust from any brake surface! When cleaning brake surfaces, use a commercially available brake cleaning fluid.

  1. Raise and support the front end on jackstands.
  3. Remove the wheels.
  5. Remove the caliper as outlined earlier, but don't disconnect the brake line. Suspend the caliper out of the way by wiring it to the front spring.
  7. Remove the rotor retainers and remove the rotor from the hub.

To install:
  1. Inspect the rotor, clean the mounting surfaces and install it on the hub with the retainers.
  3. Install the caliper and wheel.


Check the rotor for surface cracks, nicks, broken cooling fins and scoring of both contact surfaces. Some scoring of the surfaces may occur during normal use. Scoring that is 0.009 in. (0.23mm) deep or less is not detrimental to the operation of the brakes.

If the rotor surface is heavily rusted or scaled, clean both surfaces on a disc brake lathe using flat sanding discs before attempting any measurements.

With the hub and rotor assembly mounted on the spindle of the vehicle or a disc brake lathe and all play removed from the wheel bearings, assemble a dial indicator so that the stem contacts the center of the rotor braking surface. Zero the dial indicator before taking any measurements. Lateral run-out must not exceed 0.005 in. (0.13mm). Excessive run-out will cause the rotor to wobble and knock the piston back into the caliper causing increased pedal travel, noise and vibration.

After the rotor has been refinished, the minimum thickness of 0.815 in. (20.7mm) for 1987-89 models, 0.940 in. (24mm) for 1990 models and 0.890 in. (22.7 mm) for 1991-95 models is acceptable. Discard the rotor if the thickness is less.