Jeep Wrangler/YJ 1987-1995 Repair Guide

Transmission/Transfer Case/Axle


There is a tag attached to the housing that identifies the manufacturer and model. It is necessary to have the information on this tag before ordering parts. When reassembling the unit, be sure that this tag is replaced on the case so identification can be made in the future.

In some cases, the transmission identification number may be embossed on the transmission housing.

The following manual transmissions can be found on Wranglers:

BA10/5-1987-89 4.2L
Aisin AX4-1990-95 2.5L
Aisin AX5-1987-95 2.5L
Aisin AX15-1990-95 4.0L and 4.2L

The following automatic transmissions can be found on Wranglers:

Chrysler 999-1987-91
Chrysler 32RH-1992-95
Chrysler 30RH-1994-95

Wranglers use a NP-207 transfer case for the 1987 model year and the NP-231 for 1988-95 models.

The front axle is a Dana 30 while the rear is a Dana 35.