Jeep Wrangler/YJ 1987-1995 Repair Guide



Tow hooks are for emergency use only, to assist a vehicle stranded off-road. Do not use them for tow truck hook-up or highway towing, as damage to one or more vehicles could result.

Four-wheel drive vehicles should be towed on a flatbed or with all four wheels supported by a dolly. Either method will avoid potential damage to the transfer case. If it is not possible to tow the Jeep using one of these methods, it may be towed instead with the front end raised and the rear wheels on the ground. Ensure that the transfer case is in Neutral (N) and the transmission is in either Park (automatic transmission) or a forward gear (manual transmission).

When the transfer case is in the Neutral position, both axles are disengaged from the powertrain. This allows the vehicle to be towed without disconnecting the driveshafts.

If the transfer case cannot be shifted into Neutral, either place a dolly under the wheels or disconnect the driveshaft(s) for the wheels remaining on the ground. Be sure to turn the ignition to the unlocked (OFF) position and shift the transmission intoNeutral , before connecting the Jeep to the tow vehicle.