Description & Operation


The Kia Sedona uses an Anti-Lock Brake System called the MGH 10. MGH 10 is a 4 channel ABS system because it controls four separate hydraulic circuits: the left front wheel, the right front wheel, the right rear wheel, and the left rear wheel. The system accomplishes this using information from 4 separate wheel speed sensors, one at each front wheel and one at each rear wheel.

4-wheel ABS limits wheel lockup by automatically modulating the brake pressure during hard braking. The MGH 10 can improve steering control during hard braking and reduce stopping distances under most conditions.

The ABS controls all 4 channels (both fronts and rears) independently. The brake force required to engage the ABS function may vary depending on road surface conditions and tire adhesion. A dry paved surface requires a higher brake force than a slippery surface to engage ABS.

You may feel a pedal pulsation (up and down movement of the brake pedal) during an ABS event. In addition, a noise from inside the engine compartment may be heard. This is considered a normal characteristic. The brake pedal effort and pedal feel during normal braking are similar to that of a conventional brake system.