LaCrosse 2006-2007

Charging the System


Before beginning this procedure, refer to the Precautions at the beginning of this section. Only a MVAC-trained, EPA-certified, automotive technician should service the A/C system or its components.

The ACR 2000 Air Conditioning Service Center J 43600 is a complete air conditioning service center for R-134a. The ACR 2000 recovers, recycles, evacuates, and recharges A/C refrigerant quickly, accurately and automatically. The unit has a display screen that contains the function controls and displays prompts that will lead the technician through the recover, recycle, evacuate, and recharge operations. R-134a is recovered into and charged out of an internal storage vessel. The ACR 2000 automatically replenishes this vessel from an external source tank in order to maintain a constant 12-15 lbs (5.45-6.82 kg) of A/C refrigerant.

The ACR 2000 has a built in A/C refrigerant identifier that will test for contamination, prior to recovery, and will notify the technician if there are foreign gases present in the A/C system. If foreign gases are present, the ACR 2000 will not recover the refrigerant from the A/C system.

The ACR 2000 also features automatic air purge, single pass recycling, and an automatic oil drain.

Refer to the J 43600 ACR 2000 manual for operation and setup instruction. Always recharge the A/C System with the proper amount of R-134a.

If oil was removed from the A/C system during the recovery process or due to component replacement, the oil must be replenished. Oil can be injected into a charged system using A/C Oil Injector tool J 45037.

The following gives reference for PAG oil replacement:

Use PAG Oil GM P/N 12378526 for United States and PAG Oil GM P/N 88900060 for Canada.

Abrupt refrigerant loss, replace 2.0 oz (60 ml) of PAG oil

Abrupt refrigerant loss is defined by a large leak, hose rupture, collision, or pressure relief valve opening. Conditions that allow the refrigerant to seep or bleed off over time, do not cause this oil loss. Upon replacement of a component that caused a large refrigerant loss, also add the required amount of oil for the particular component.

Compressor replacement, add 2.5 oz (74 ml) of PAG oil
Condenser replacement, add 0.75 oz (22 ml) of PAG oil
Evaporator replacement, add 0.75 oz (22 ml) of PAG oil

If more than the specified amount of PAG oil was drained from a component, add the equal amount of oil drained.

Total system PAG oil capacity, add 5.0 oz (148 ml) of PAG oil

The R-134a refrigerant charge is 0.9 lb. (0.41 kg).