LaCrosse 2006-2007



Cable Adjustment

Adjustment of manual adjustment park brake cable system is necessary whenever the rear brake cables have been disconnected. A need for park brake cable adjustment is indicated if the hydraulic brake system operates with good reserve, but a firm park brake pedal feel cannot be achieved with less than one full stroke of the park brake pedal.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Apply and release the park brake four times.
  5. Park brake light should be illuminated after park brake has been depressed slightly.
  7. Check parking brake pedal assembly for full release by turning the ignition on and inspecting PARK BRAKE warning light. Light should be off. If PARK BRAKE warning light is on and park brake appears to be fully released, pull the pedal back by hand and continue with the adjustment procedure.
  9. Raise the vehicle and suitably support.
  11. Check park brake levers on rear calipers. Levers should be against the stops on the caliper housing. If levers are not against stops, check for binding in rear brake cables and position levers against stops.
  13. Tighten park brake cable at equalizer until either the left or right lever begins to move off stop.
  15. Loosen adjustment at equalizer until the lever which has moved off the stop, as in step 5, is again resting fully against stops. Loosen tension at equalizer until the cables feel slightly loose to the touch. Cables should not sag under their own weight.
  17. Operate park brake several times to check adjustment. A firm pedal feel should be obtained by depressing the pedal less than one full stroke.
  19. Inspect left and right caliper levers. Both levers must be resting on stops after adjustment of parking brake.
  21. Check the operation of the park brake.
  23. To achieve optimal performance ensure cables are not over-tensioned at the equalizer.