Lexus GS, SC 1998-06

Timing Belt & Cover


Removal & Installation

1mz-FE Engines
  1. Remove all necessary components for access to the upper timing belt cover. Remove the 8 bolts and lift off the upper (No. 2) cover.
  3. Paint matchmarks on the timing belt at all points where it meshes with the pulleys and the lower timing cover.
  5. Set the No. 1 cylinder to Top Dead Center (TDC) of the compression stroke and check that the timing marks on the camshaft timing pulleys are aligned with those on the No. 3 timing cover. If not, turn the engine 1 complete revolution (360 degrees) and check again.
  7. Remove the timing belt tensioner and the dust boot.
  9. Turn the right camshaft pulley clockwise slightly to release tension, then remove the timing belt from the pulleys.
  11. Remove the upper (No. 3) and lower (No. 1) timing belt covers.
  13. Remove the timing belt guide.
  15. Remove the timing belt from the engine.
    If the timing belt is to be reused, draw a directional arrow on the timing belt in the direction of engine rotation (clockwise) and place matchmarks on the timing belt and crankshaft gear to match the drilled mark on the pulley.

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