Liberty, Wrangler, 1997-2005

4.0L L6 VIN S Auto 9


Trouble Code: P2704

A/T 4C Inadequate Element Volume Detected

Possible Causes:

4C volume clutch index is too low
TCM 4C volume clutch circuit is damaged or has failed

Trouble Code: P2706

A/T MS Solenoid Circuit Malfunction

Possible Causes:

Check for a loose connector to the MS solenoid (intermittent)
MS solenoid control circuit is open or shorted to ground
MS solenoid control circuit is shorted to system power (B+)
MS solenoid is damaged or it has failed
Transmission control relay output supply circuit is open
TCM MS solenoid circuit is damaged or it has failed

Trouble Code: U0101

No TCM Bus Message

Possible Causes:

PCI Bus unable to communicate with (DRBIII) scan tool
Fused ignition switch output incorrect (off-run-start)
Intermittent condition
PCM has failed

Trouble Code: U0155

No Cluster Bus Message

Possible Causes:

Communication link with instrument cluster has failed
Instrument cluster operation improper or has failed
PCM has failed

Trouble Code: U0168

No SKIM Bus Message

Possible Causes:

Intermittent operation
PCI Bus circuit open or shorted from PCM to SKIM
Loss of communication between PCM and SKIM
SKIM or PCM has failed