Lincoln Aviator, Ford Explorer, Exp Sport, Exp Sport-Trac, Mercury Mountaineer 2000-2005



ABS Module Calibration (ABS With Stability Assist)

If a new ABS module is installed, it must be configured first. The ABS module also needs to be recalibrated whenever a component specific to the stability assist system is disconnected or a new component is installed. If a DTC is logged for any component of the stability assist system, the DTC must be cleared before carrying out the recalibration procedure. The need to recalibrate the ABS module is also indicated by the active/fail lamp flashing. The lamp will flash after clearing the DTCs. If installing a new stability assist module, the calibration procedures as well as the configuration procedure must be carried out. For additional information regarding the module configuration and calibration, follow the scan tool directions for the calibration procedure.

When carrying out the lateral or longitudinal accelerometer, or yaw rate calibration using the scan tool, the vehicle must be on a level surface, must not be moving and the ignition switch must be in the RUN position. When carrying out the steering wheel rotation sensor calibration on the scan tool, the ignition switch must be in the RUN position with the engine running and the steering wheel must be rotated back and forth from lock position to lock position.

ABS Module Configuration

The ABS module must be configured when a new ABS module is installed. If installing a new ABS module with stability assist, the calibration procedure as well as the configuration procedure must be carried out.