Lincoln Aviator, Ford Explorer, Exp Sport, Exp Sport-Trac, Mercury Mountaineer 2000-2005

Connector Pin Identification 3


PCM Pin #Wire ColorCircuit DescriptionValue at Hot Idle
1-Not Used-
2-Not Used-
3DB/YEOutput Shaft Speed (OSS) Sensor0 V
4YE/LGIntermediate Shaft Speed (ISS) Sensor0 V
5--Not Used--
6--Not Used--
7VT/YEMotor Position 4 SignalVBAT
8WHMotor Position 3 SignalVBAT
9--Not Used--
10---Not Used--
11WH/YEPressure Control (PCA) Solenoid A Control8.0 V
12---Not Used--
13---Not Used--
14---Not Used--
15DG/WHTurbine Shaft Speed (TSS) Sensor Signal320-360 Hz
16YE/BKDigital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, TR10 V
17LB/BKDigital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, TR20 V
18---Not Used--
19BN/WHMotor Position 2 SignalVBAT
20OG/WHMotor Position 1 SignalVBAT
21---Not Used--
22---Not Used--
23LB/PKPressure Control (PCB) Solenoid B10.0 V
24RD/LGHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #12 InputSwitching
25VT/LGHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #22 InputSwitching
26---Not Used--
27LB/YEDigital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, TR30/PARK
28WH/BKDigital Transmission Range (DTR) Sensor, TR40
29OG/BKTransmission Fluid Temperature (TFT) Sensor0.5-2.0 V
30---Not Used--
31---Not Used--
32---Not Used--
33---Not Used--
34WH/RDPressure Control (PCC) Solenoid C8.0 V
35---Not Used--
36---Not Used--
37---Not Used--
38---Not Used--
40---Not Used---
41---Not Used--
42OG/YEShift Solenoid A Control0.1 V/On
43VT/OGShift Solenoid B ControlVBAT/Off
44PK/BKShift Solenoid C ControlVBAT/Off
45BN/OGShift Solenoid D Control0.1 V/On
46VT/YETorque Converter Clutch (TCC) SolenoidVBAT/Off
47WH/BKHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #12 Heater0.2 V/On
48TN/YEHeated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) #12 Heater0.2 V/On
49BNClutch Coil -- Power0.2 V
50OGClutch Coil -- ReturnVBAT

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Fig. PCM 150-pin connector pin identification and values-2005 4.6L (VIN W) Explorer and Mountaineer