Lincoln Aviator, Ford Explorer, Exp Sport, Exp Sport-Trac, Mercury Mountaineer 2000-2005

Mechanical (Belt Driven) Fan


Removal & Installation

4.0L Engine (VIN X)

Refer to exploded view illustration before starting this service procedure.

The following procedures for removing the fan clutch gives the factory recommended loosening and tightening directions for the fan hub nut. However, it has been our experience that certain aftermarket parts manufacturers have changed this to enable use of universal fit parts. We recommend trying the factory direction first, then, if the nut doesn-t seem to be moving, reverse the direction. Placing too much load on the water pump snout will break it.

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Fig. Exploded view of the engine fan for the 4.0L engine

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Fig. Before attempting to unfasten the engine fan, check the fan shroud for indications of normal or reverse threads

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Fig. Remove the air intake tube. You will need these specialized tools to unfasten the fan clutch nut

  1. If necessary, remove the air cleaner outlet tube.
    According to the manufacturer, the nut uses right-hand threads and is loosened counterclockwise.

  3. Using Fan Clutch Pulley Holder T84T-6312-C and Fan Clutch Nut Wrench T84T-6312-D, or their equivalents, loosen the large nut attaching the clutch to the water pump hub.
    Some models have enough room between the shroud and the engine to remove the fan without unbolting the shroud.

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    Fig. Using the special tools, loosen the fan clutch nut in the direction indicated on the shroud.

  5. Remove the two upper fan shroud retaining bolts. If the overflow hose is routed through the fan shroud, remove it from the shroud.
  7. Lift up on the fan shroud to disengage the lower mounting clips.

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    Fig. Remove the fan and clutch assembly from the vehicle

  9. Remove the fan/clutch assembly and the fan shroud together.
  11. If necessary, remove the fan-to-clutch bolts to separate the fan from the clutch.

To install:

  1. Installation is the reverse of removal. Torque the fan-to-clutch bolts to 55-70 inch lbs. (6-8 Nm); the hub nut to 34-46 ft. lbs. (46-63 Nm). Don't forget, the nut uses right-hand threads and is tightened clockwise.