Lincoln LS 2000-2005

Disarming the System


Proper SRS disarming can be obtained by disconnecting and isolating the negative battery cable. Allow the air bag system capacitor at least 2 minutes to discharge before removing any air bag system components.

Always wear safety glasses when repairing an air bag Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) vehicle and when handling an air bag module. This will reduce the risk of injury in the event of an accidental deployment. Never probe the connectors on the air bag module. Doing so can result in air bag deployment, which can result in personal injury.

The safety belt pretensioner is a pyrotechnic device. Always wear safety glasses when repairing an air bag equipped vehicle and when handling a safety belt buckle pretensioner or safety belt retractor pretensioner. Never probe a pretensioner electrical connector. Doing so could result in pretensioner or air bag deployment and could result in personal injury.

To reduce the risk of personal injury, do not use any memory saver devices.

If a seat equipped with a seat mounted side air bag and/or a safety belt pretensioner (if equipped) system is being serviced, the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) must be depowered.

The air bag warning lamp illuminates when the RCM fuse is removed and the ignition switch is ON. This is normal operation and does not indicate a SRS fault. The SRS must be fully operational and free of faults before releasing the vehicle to the customer.

  1. Turn all vehicle accessories OFF.
  3. Turn the ignition switch to OFF.
  5. Remove the right hand kick panel cover and remove the restraints control module fuse F2.05 (10A) from the central junction box.
  7. Turn the ignition ON and visually monitor the air bag indicator for at least 30 seconds. The air bag indicator will remain lit continuously (no flashing) if the correct RCM fuse has been removed. If the air bag indicator does not remain lit continuously, remove the correct RCM fuse before proceeding. Turn the ignition OFF.
    To avoid accidental deployment and possible personal injury, the backup power supply must be depleted before repairing or replacing any front or side air bag (SRS) components and before servicing, replacing, adjusting or striking components near the front or side air bag sensors, such as doors, instrument panel, console, door latches, strikers, seats and hood latches.

  9. The first row side impact sensors are located at or near the base of the B-pillars.
  11. The second row side impact sensors, if equipped are located at or near the base of the C-pillars.
  13. To deplete the backup power supply energy, disconnect the battery ground cable and wait at least 1 minute. Be sure to disconnect auxiliary batteries and power supplies, if equipped.
  15. Disconnect the negative battery cable.