Malibu 2001-2005

3.1L & 3.4L


During cranking, the ignition control (IC) module monitors the 7X crankshaft position sensor signal. Once the IC module determines spark synchronization, 3X reference signals are sent to the PCM. The PCM will command all 6 injectors on for one priming shot of fuel in all cylinders. After the priming, the injectors are left off for the next 6 fuel control reference signals, 2 crankshaft revolutions. This allows each cylinder a chance to use the fuel from the priming shot. During this waiting period, a cam pulse will have been received by the PCM. The PCM uses the Cam signal pulses to initiate sequential fuel injection. The PCM constantly monitors the number of pulses on the Cam signal circuit and compares the number of Cam pulses to the number of 24X reference pulses and the number of 3X reference pulses being received. If the PCM receives an incorrect number of pulses on the Cam reference circuit, DTC P0341 will set and the PCM will initiate injector sequence without the Cam signal with a one in 6 chance that injector sequence is correct. The engine will continue to start and run normally, although the misfire diagnostic will be affected if a misfiring condition occurs.

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Fig. CMP sensor location on 3.1L and 3.4L