Malibu, Malibu MAXX 2006-2008

Brake Disc (Rotor)


Removal & Installation

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Fig. The removal and installation of the brake rotor

To install:

Whenever the brake rotor has been separated from the hub/axle flange, any rust or contaminants should be cleaned from the hub/axle flange and the brake rotor mating surfaces. Failure to do this may result in excessive assembled lateral runout (LRO) of the brake rotor, which could lead to brake pulsation.

  1. Using the J42450-A , thoroughly clean any rust or corrosion from the mating surface of the hub/axle flange.
  3. Using the J41013, thoroughly clean any rust or corrosion from the mating surface and mounting surface of the brake rotor.
  5. Inspect the mating surfaces of the hub/axle flange and the rotor to ensure that there are no foreign particles or debris remaining.
  7. Install the brake rotor to the hub/axle flange. Use the matchmark made prior to removal for proper orientation to the flange.
  9. If the brake rotor was removed and installed as part of a brake system repair, measure the assembled Lateral Runout (LRO) of the brake rotor to ensure optimum performance of the disc brakes.
  11. If the brake rotor assembled LRO measurement exceeds the specification, bring the LRO to within specifications.
  13. Install the brake caliper mounting bracket an caliper as an assembly to the suspension knuckle.
  15. Install the tire and wheel assembly.
  17. Lower the vehicle.
  19. If the brake rotor was refinished or replaced, or if new brake pads were installed, burnish the pads and rotors.