Mazda 323/626/929/GLC/MX-6/RX-7 1978-1989



Proper towing equipment is necessary to prevent damage to the vehicle during any towing operation. Laws and regulations applicable to vehicles in tow should always be observed, and the recommended procedures must be used.

Before towing the vehicle, release the parking brake, place the shift lever in Neutral, and set the ignition key in the "ACC" position. As a rule, vehicles should be towed with their drive wheels off the ground. If excessive vehicle damage or other conditions prevent towing a vehicle with its drive wheels up, use wheel dollies. With all four wheels on the ground, the vehicle should only be towed forward. (Mazda does not recommend towing the 1989 626/MX-6 in either direction with all four wheels on the ground.) When towing a vehicle with four wheels on the ground, do not exceed 35 mph (56 Km/h) or travel more than 50 miles (80 Km); otherwise, you risk damaging the transmission/transaxle.

If the towing speed must exceed 35 mph (56 km/h), or the towing distance must exceed 50 miles (80 km), be sure to take the appropriate precautions.