Mazda 323/626/929/GLC/MX-6/RX-7 1978-1989



The tune-up is a routine maintenance operation which is essential for the efficient and economical operation, as well as for the long life of your car's engine. The interval between tune-ups is a variable factor which depends upon the way you drive your car, the conditions under which you drive it (weather, road type, etc.), and the type of engine installed in your car. It is generally correct to say that no car should be driven more than 30,000 miles (48,309 km) between tune-ups, especially in this era of emission controls. If you plan to drive your car extremely hard or under severe weather conditions, the tune-ups should be performed at closer intervals. High performance engines require more frequent tuning than other engines, regardless of weather or driving conditions. Maintenance intervals will be provided whenever possible, but for a complete and comprehensive breakdown, please refer to the Maintenance Interval Charts in General Information & Maintenance of this repair guide.

A small note book or log is recommended for recording the completion of all regular maintenance activities, as well as their dates and intervals.