Mazda B-Series 1998-06

Fuel Injectors



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Fig. A noid light can be attached to the fuel injector harness in order to test for injector pulse

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Fig. Cross-sectional view of a typical MFI fuel injector

The fuel injectors can be tested with a Digital Volt-Ohmmeter (DVOM). To test an injector, detach the engine wiring harness connector from it. This may require removing the upper intake manifold or other engine components.

Once access to the injector is gained and the wiring is disconnected from it, set the DVOM to measure resistance (ohms). Measure the resistance of the injector by probing one terminal with the positive DVOM lead and the other injector terminal with the negative lead. The resistance measured should be between 12-16 ohms. If the resistance is not within this range, the fuel injector is faulty and must be replaced with a new one.