Mazda B-Series 1998-06

Moldings & Panels


Removal & Installation

If you're going to remove major pieces of interior trim, it's best to heat the interior of the truck first; this makes the plastic soften slightly and will help prevent possible breakage.

Many of the attaching screws and pins are hidden by plugs, caps, etc. or are the attaching point for clips or brackets. The plugs and caps can be removed with light prying action. Don't force anything-if the trim isn't coming out, it's because you've missed a screw or clip somewhere. Most attaching hardware is located around the perimeter or near the center of the piece. Don't forget to reinstall the ornamental plug or cap that hides the screw when the part is back in place.

Also, some moldings cannot be removed without first removing the adjacent molding. It may seem like more work than necessary, but if you force something that isn't meant to come out yet, something is bound to break.

Door Panel
Navajo And B Series Pick-Up Models

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Fig. Exploded view of the Navajo front door trim panel

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Fig. Exploded view of the B Series Pick-up door trim panel

  1. Open the window.
  3. Unscrew the door lock knob.
  5. On Explorer/Mountaineer, remove the 2 screws retaining the trim panel located above the door handle.
  7. On Ranger, remove the two screws in the armrest and remove it.
  9. If equipped with manual window crank handles, pull off the handle cover, then remove the attaching screw.
  11. Remove the trim cup behind (Explorer/Mountaineer) or around (Ranger) the door handle using a small prying tool. Retention nibs will flex for ease of removal.
  13. If equipped with power accessories, use the notch at the lower end of the plate and pry the plate off. Remove the plate from the trim panel and pull the wiring harness from behind the panel. Disconnect the harness from the switches.
  15. Remove any retaining screws uncovered by the removed trim pieces.
  17. Using a flat wood spatula, insert it carefully behind the panel and slide it along to find the push-pins. When you encounter a pin, pry the pin outward. Do this until all the pins are out. NEVER PULL ON THE PANEL TO REMOVE THE PINS!
  19. Lift slightly to disengage the panel from the flange at the top of the door.
  21. Disconnect the door courtesy lamp and remove the panel completely. Replace any damaged or bent attaching clips.
  23. Installation is the reverse of removal.