Mazda B-Series 1998-06



Except Manual Shift Models

Both of the electronic shift and the AWD model transfer cases do not require any linkage adjustments, nor are any possible.

Manual Shift Models

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Fig. Exploded view of the manual shift transfer case controls

The following procedure should be used, if a partial or incomplete engagement of the transfer case shift lever detent is experienced or if the control assembly requires removal.

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  3. Raise the shift boot to expose the top surface of the cam plates.
  5. Loosen the 1 large and 1 small bolt, approximately 1 turn. Move the transfer case shift lever to the 4L position (lever down).
  7. Move the cam plate rearward until the bottom chamfered corner of the neutral lug just contacts the forward right edge of the shift lever.
  9. Hold the cam plate in this position and torque the larger bolt first to 70-90 ft. lbs. (95-122 Nm) and torque the smaller bolt to 31-42 ft. lbs. (42-57 Nm).
  11. Move the transfer case in cab shift lever to all shift positions to check for positive engagement. There should be a clearance between the shift lever and the cam plate in the 2H front and 4H rear (clearance not to exceed 3.3mm) and 4L shift positions.
  13. Install the shift boot assembly.
  15. Reconnect the negative battery cable.