Mazda Car 2005-06

Transaxle Removal & Installation 2


G35m-R Transaxle

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Fig. Exploded view of the G35M-R manual transaxle assembly mounting-Mazda6 models

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions section.
  3. Refer to the illustration for component location and torque specifications.
  5. Drain the transaxle oil.
  7. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Battery and battery tray
    Air cleaner assembly
    Splash shields
    Under cover
    Steering gear, linkage and pipe assembly bolts from the crossmember and using mechanics wire, position the steering gear and linkage assembly aside.
    Heated Oxygen (HO 2 S) connector
    Back up light switch connector
    Neutral safety switch connector
    Harness bracket
    Vehicle speed sensor
    Shift cable and select cable
    Selector cable bracket
    Clutch release cylinder
    Endplate cover
    Transaxle upper mount bolts
    Lower control arm ball joints
    Damper fork
    Tie rod ends from the knuckle
    Stabilizer bar link

  9. Disconnect the right halfshaft from the joint shaft by tapping the transaxle side outer ring with a brass bar and a hammer. Disconnect the joint shaft bracket from the block and remove the joint shaft.
  11. Install tool 49 G030 455 to hold the side gears after removal.

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    Fig. Exploded view of the joint shaft assembly-Mazda6 models with the 2.3L (L3) engine

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