Mazda Trucks 1972-1986 Repair Guide

Valve Guides



Valve guides are driven out of the head from the combustion chamber side. Use a driver meant for this purpose. New guides are driven into place from the top of the head, using the proper driver. On the 1,586cc, 1,796cc, and 1,970cc, press the guide in until the ring on the guide just touches the head. On the diesel and the 1,998cc, check the protrusion of the valve guide above the head surface, measuring from the spring seat upward. Protrusion on the diesel should be 16.5mm (0.6496 in.); on the 1998cc, 19.1-19.6mm (0.752-0.772 in.)

On the diesel, the longer type guide goes on the intake side, and the shorter on the exhaust side. Do not mix them up!