Mazda Trucks 1987-1993 Repair Guide

Air Cleaner



Replacing the air cleaner element is a simple, routine maintenance operation. You should be careful, however, to keep dust and dirt out of the air cleaner housing, as they accelerate engine wear. If the outside of the air cleaner housing is dusty, wipe it with a clean rag before beginning work.

Carbureted Pickups

See Figure 1

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Fig. Fig. 1: Air cleaner and element-carburetor equipped

  1. Remove the wing nut at the center of the housing and then unclip the retaining clips situated around the sides.
  3. Pull the top cover off and remove the air cleaner element.
  5. When installing the new element, make sure it seats squarely around the bulge in the center of the lower air cleaner housing. Install the housing top, turning it until the wing nut mounting stud lines up with the hole in the top (it's usually off center). Note that the top cover should seat tightly all around. Install the wing nut and reclip the clips.

Fuel Injected Pickups and MPV

See Figures 2 and 3

  1. Loosen the clamp on the air intake hose and pull the hose off the housing.
  3. Disconnect the airflow sensor electrical connector.
  5. Unbolt and remove the housing. Note the direction in which the element is installed and install the new element in the same way (it may be marked TOP ). Install the top of the housing and connect the other components.