Mazda Trucks 1987-1993 Repair Guide



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Mazda recommends that a flat bed tow service be utilized. If a flat bed tow truck is not available, tow the vehicle with the rear wheels lifted, front hubs unlocked (4WD models) and the steering wheel locked in the straight ahead position using a clamping device designed for towing. DO NOT lock the steering wheel using only the ignition key activated steering lock, as damage to the steering column can occur.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Proper towing configurations

Your vehicle can be towed forward with the driveshaft connected as long as you do not exceed 50 miles in distance and 35 MPH in speed. The transmission must always be placed in the N (neutral) position. Severe damage to the transmission can occur if these limits are exceeded. However, if the vehicle must be towed faster than 35 MPH and/or further than 50 miles, disconnect and support the driveshaft. With the driveshaft disconnected, do not exceed 55 MPH. If your vehicle has to be towed backward and is a 4WD model, unlock the front axle driving hubs, to prevent the front differential from rotating and place the transfer case in neutral. Also clamp the steering wheel on all models, in the straight ahead position with a clamping device designed for towing service.

Do not attach chains to the bumpers or bracketing. All attachments should be made to structural members. Safety chains should also be used. If you are flat towing, remember that the power steering and power brake assists will not work with the engine OFF.