Mazda Trucks 1994-1998 Repair Guide

Evaporative Canister


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Fig. Fig. 1: Location of the evaporative canister near the firewall on the right side fender well-1994-95 MPV shown

The fuel evaporative emission control canister should be inspected for damage or leaks at the hose fittings. Repair or replace any old or cracked hoses. Replace the canister if it is damaged in any way. The evaporatve canister can be found in the following locations:

1994-95 MPV-right side rear of the engine compartment
1996-98 MPV-underneath the right side of the vehicle near toward the front
1994-97 B Series Pick-up and Navajo-left side radiator support, under the hood.
1998 B Series Pick-up-left side inner frame rail underneath the vehicle


The evaporative and emission components are designed and tested to exceed 120,000 mi. (193,116km) or 10 years of vehicle use. No maintenance or service should be required, except in the case of damage or malfunction. If either condition should exist, simply replace that component.