Mazda Trucks 1994-1998 Repair Guide

Front and Rear Wheels



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Fig. Fig. 1: Lug nut torque sequence

  1. Set the parking brake. Block the diagonally opposite wheel.
  3. On vehicles with automatic transmission position the selector lever in P .
  5. On vehicles with manual transmission position the selector lever in N .
  7. As necessary, remove the hubcap or wheel cover. Loosen the lug nuts, but do not remove them.
  9. Raise the vehicle until the wheel and tire assembly clears the floor. Properly support the vehicle.
  11. Remove the lug nuts. Remove the tire and wheel assembly from its mounting.

To install:
  1. Position the wheel and tire assembly on its mounting.

Whenever a wheel is installed be sure to remove any corrosion, dirt or foreign material that may be present on the mounting surfaces of the hub, drum or rotor that contacts the wheel. Installing wheels without proper metal to metal contact at the wheel mounting surfaces can cause the wheel lug nuts to loosen and could allow the wheel to come off while the vehicle is in motion!

  1. Install the lug nuts. Be sure that the cone end of the lug nut faces inward.
  3. With the lug nuts loosely installed, turn the wheel until one nut is at the top of the bolt circle. Tighten the lug nut until snug.
  5. In a crisscross manner tighten the remaining lug nuts until snug in order to minimize run-out.
  7. Lower the vehicle. Torque the lug nuts to 100 ft. lbs. in the proper sequence.

Retighten the wheel lug nuts to specification after about 500 miles of driving. Failure to do this could result in the wheel coming off while the vehicle is in motion possibly causing loss of vehicle control or collision.


Replace wheels if they are bent, cracked, leaking air or heavily rusted or if the lug nuts often become loose. Do not use bent wheels that have been straightened or do not use inner tubes in leaking wheels. Do not replace wheels with used wheels. Wheels that have been straightened or are leaking air or are used may have structural damage and could fail without warning.