Mercedes-Benz Cars 2000-05




  1. Determine which version pedal the vehicle is equipped with. Looking at the side of the pedal, if the shaft journal is offset with the centerline of the pedal assembly and the notch assembly is light gray, this is the late or pulled type. If the shaft journal is centered and the notch assembly is black, this is the early or pushed type.
  3. Depress the parking brake pedal. On pulled type pedals, the parking brake should be engaged after 1 notch. On pushed types, it should be engaged after 5 notches. If necessary, proceed with the adjustment procedure.
  5. Raise and support the vehicle, then remove the wheels. Make sure the wheels are blocked and the transmission is in Park, then disengage the parking brake.
  7. Using a screwdriver, turn the parking brake adjuster until the brake disc can no longer be rotated. Then turn back the adjuster until the disc can just be turned freely by hand.

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    Fig. Adjusting screw location

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    Fig. Tighten the nut until the slack in the front cables is eliminated