Mercedes-Benz Cars 2000-05

Removal & Installation


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Fig. Exploded view of the worm and sector steering gear mounting

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  5. Center the steering wheel and turn the key to the lock position. Remove the key from the ignition switch.
  7. Drain the power steering fluid reservoir
  9. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Trim panel if necessary
    Drag link and tie rod
    Exhaust crossover pipe
    Steering gear heat shield
    Pressure and return lines
    Steering shaft
    Steering gear mounting bolts
    Steering gear


To install:

  1. Center the steering gear by lining up the mark on the sector shaft with the mark on the housing.
    New stretch bolts must be used when installing the steering box and tightening the coupling.

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    Fig. Align the mark on the shaft with the one on the housing to center the steering gear-worm and sector steering gear

  3. Install or connect the following:

    Steering gear. Torque the new stretch bolts to 52 ft. lbs. (70 Nm)
    Coupling bolt. Torque the bolt to 18 ft. lbs. (30 Nm)
    Pressure and return lines. Torque the pressure line to 22 ft. lbs. (30 Nm) and the return line to 30 ft. lbs. (40 Nm)
    Heat shield
    Exhaust crossover pipe
    Drag link and tie rod with new self-locking nuts
    Trim panel
    Negative battery cable

  5. Refill the reservoir with fresh fluid. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel from lock-to-lock several times. The system will bleed automatically. Check for leaks.