Mercedes Coupes/Sedans/Wagons 1974-1984 Repair Guide



For towing, the vehicle has a tow ring at the front of the chassis side member. A similar ring is provided at the rear for attaching a tow rope. It goes without saying that these two rings are for emergency use and for short distances only. A strong, flexible, woven fabric strap should be used. Never use a steel cable or rope.

Whenever a vehicle is towed, for any reason, great care should be used.

Vehicles equipped with manual transmissions should be towed in Neutral and vehicles with automatic transmissions should be towed with the selector level in Neutral. The towing speed should never exceed 30 miles per hour.

On vehicles with a damaged front end, the driveshaft must be disconnected to ensure that cooling water does not enter the transmission fluid or that the transmission is no longer lubricated due to an interrupted oil circuit.