Mercury Cougar 2000-2002

Glossary of Terms


PID Data & Pin Chart Glossary

Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
M/T: Manual TransmissionMAF: Mass Airflow
MAF RTN: Mass Airflow Sensor ReturnMAP: Manifold Absolute Pressure
MCU: Microprocessor Control UnitMFI: Multiport Fuel Injection
MIL: Malfunction Indicator LampMLP: Manual Lever Position (Sensor)
MPH: Miles Per HourN.C.: Normally Closed
NDS: Neutral Drive (Switch)N/V: Input shaft speed to vehicle speed
NGV: Natural Gas VehiclesN.O.: Normally Open
OASIS: Online Automotive Service Information SystemOBD I: On Board Diagnostics Version I OBD II: On Board Diagnostics Version II
OCIL: Overdrive Cancel Indicator LampOCS: Overdrive Cancel Switch
OCT ADJ: Octane Adjust Fuel (Switch)OHC: Overhead Cam Engine
OSM: Output State MonitorOSS: Output Speed Shaft
O2S-11 (Bank 1 Sensor 1) SignalO2S-21 (Bank 2 Sensor 1) Signal
PAS: Passive Anti-Theft SystemPCM: Powertrain Control Module
PCV: Positive Crankcase VentilationPFE: Pressure Feedback EGR System
PFI: Port Fuel InjectionPID: Parameter Identification Location
PIP: Profile Ignition Pickup SignalPMI: Programmable Module Installation
PNP: Park Neutral PositionPSP: Power Steering Pressure (switch)
PSOM: Programmable Speedometer Odometer ModuleRAM: Random Access Memory
RCM: Restraint Control ModuleREM: Rear Electronic Module
ROM: Read Only MemoryRPM: Revolutions Per Minute
RTN: Dedicated sensor ground circuitRWD: Rear Wheel Drive
SC: Supercharged EngineSCP: Standard Corporate Protocol
SFI: Sequential Fuel InjectionSHRTFT1: Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
SHO: Super High Output EngineSIG RTN: Signal Return
SIL: Shift Indicator LampSPOUT: Spark Output signal
SS: Shift SolenoidSTAR: Self Test Automatic Readout
STI: Self Test InputSTO: Self Test Output
TAB: Thermactor Air BypassTAD: Thermactor Air Diverter
TC: Turbo ChargedTCC: Torque Converter Clutch
TCC: Torque Converter Clutch ControlTCS: Traction Control Switch
TCIL: Transmission Control Indicator LampTFT: Transmission Fluid Temperature
TKS: Throttle Kicker SolenoidTOT: Transmission Oil Temperature
TP: Throttle Position (Sensor)TP Mode: Throttle Position Mode
TR: Transmission Range sensorTSB: Technical Service Bulletin
TSS: Transmission Shaft Speed SensorTWC: Three Way Catalyst
TWC + OC: 3-Way CatalystUBP: UART Based Protocol Network
VAF: Vane Airflow Meter or sensorVAT: Vane Air Temperature sensor
VID: Vehicle Information Block (memory)VIM: Vehicle Interface Module
VBAT: Vehicle Battery VoltageVLCM: Variable Load Control Module
VPWR: Ignition switched PowerVREF: Reference Voltage (from PCM)
VRS: Variable Reluctance SensorVMV: Vapor Management Valve (EVAP)
VCT: Variable Camshaft TimingWAC: WOT A/C Cutout Relay
WACA- A/C WOT Cutout Relay MonitorWOT: Wide Open Throttle