Mercury Villager 2000-2002

Torque Specifications


Component   English SpecificationsMetric Specifications
  Axle hub nut174-231 ft. lbs.235-314 Nm
  Converter inlet pipe-to-exhaust bracket bolt32 ft. lbs.43 Nm
  Front (left) transaxle mount bolts30-38 ft. lbs.41-52 Nm
  Front (left) transaxle mount through bolt47-54 ft. lbs.64-74 Nm
  Front and rear transaxle-to-engine brace bolts22-30 ft. lbs.30-40 Nm
  Front stabilizer bar link-to-lower control arm nut12-16 ft. lbs.16-22 Nm
  Lower ball joint stud nut52-64 ft. lbs.71-86 Nm
  Lower front and rear bell housing bolts (1999-00 only)22-30 ft. lbs.30-40 Nm
  Lower transaxle-to-engine bolt22-30 ft. lbs.30-40 Nm
  Rear (right) transaxle mount nuts and bolt32-41 ft. lbs..43-55 Nm
  Right axle bearing retainer bolts8-14 ft. lbs.13-19 Nm
  Shift cable nut8.7-10.8 ft. lbs.11.8-14.7 Nm
  Torque converter-to-flywheel bolts33-43 ft. lbs.44-59 Nm
  Transaxle dipstick tube bolts or nuts36-44 inch lbs.4-5 Nm
  Transaxle range (TR) switch bolts27 inch lbs.3 Nm
  Upper transaxle-to-engine bolts29-36 ft. lbs.39-49 Nm
  Wheel lug nuts72-87 ft. lbs.98-118 Nm

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Fig. Torque Specifications