Mercury Villager Nissan Quest 1997-2000

Power Steering Pump


The power steering pump fluid reservoir is located under the hood on the firewall at the passenger's side of the engine compartment.


When adding fluid to the system, use only type F automatic transmission fluid, such as Motorcraft Mercon®ATF XT-2-QDX, or its equivalent.


The manufacturers recommend checking the power steering fluid level twice a year, however, it is generally a good idea to check the fluid level every time the engine oil is changed.

Although the power steering fluid may be checked either hot or cold, if the ambient temperature is below 32°F (0°C), the engine should be run for at least five minutes or the vehicle driven at least one mile to warm the fluid.

To check the power steering fluid level:

  1. Start the engine and turn the steering wheel back and forth several times. This will help bleed any air from the system.
  3. Turn the engine OFF .
  5. Observe the fluid level indicators on the power steering fluid reservoir; the fluid level should be between the MIN and MAX lines.
  7. If the fluid level is low, make sure the vehicle is resting on level ground and clean all dirt away from the top of the reservoir. Unscrew the cap and fill the reservoir until the level is between the MIN and MAX lines with the appropriate power steering fluid.

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Fig. The power steering fluid level should be between the MIN and MAX lines