Miata 1990-1997

Leak Testing


Specific to:

Mazda Miata 1990-1997

The following procedure calls for the use of a tracer dye. Follow the A/C tracer dye manufacturer-s instructions.

Different manufacturers have different methods for installing, measuring, and diagnosing with their particular product.

Use only a tracer dye that is compatible with the type of refrigerant and oil in the vehicle's A/C system. The misuse of tracer dye can lead to misdiagnosis and unnecessary parts replacement.

  1. After repairing the leak, clean the area that is covered with A/C tracer dye.
    Cleaning the area will prevent a future technician from mistaking this residue as a current leak.

  3. When diagnosing an A/C leak on a vehicle that previously had tracer dye installed, thoroughly clean the suspected area and re-verify the leak prior to repairing.
  5. After repairing the leak, evacuate and recharge the system.
    DO NOT add additional A/C tracer dye when recharging the system. Flushing or changing the A/C oil is not necessary. Small amounts of the tracer dye will be found in the Recovery/Recycling tank if recovery is necessary.