Miata 1990-1997



Specific to:

Mazda Miata 1990-1997

If using a pressure bleeder, follow the instructions furnished with the unit and choose the correct adapter for the application. Do not substitute an adapter that "almost fits- as it will not work and could be dangerous.

Clean, high quality brake fluid is essential to the safe and proper operation of the brake system. You should always buy the highest quality brake fluid that is available. If the brake fluid becomes contaminated, drain and flush the system, then refill the master cylinder with new fluid. Never reuse any brake fluid. Any brake fluid that is removed from the system should be discarded.

Bleeding the brake system is required anytime the normally closed system has been opened to the atmosphere. When bleeding the system, keep the brake fluid level in the master cylinder reservoir above 1 / 2 full. If the reservoir is empty, air will be pushed through the system.