Miata 1990-1997

Master Cylinder


Specific to:

Mazda Miata 1990-1997

Due to the location of the fluid reservoir, bench bleeding of the master cylinder is not recommended. The master cylinder is to be bled while mounted on the brake booster. If the fluid reservoir runs dry, bleeding of the entire system will be necessary. Two people will be required to bleed the brake system.

  1. Fill the brake fluid reservoir with clean brake fluid. Disconnect the brake tube from the master cylinder.
  3. Have a helper slowly depress the brake pedal. Once depressed, hold it in that position. Brake fluid will be expelled from the master cylinder.
    When bleeding the brakes, keep your face away from the area. Spraying fluid may cause facial and/or visual damage. Do not allow brake fluid to spill on the car's finish; it will remove the paint.

  5. While the pedal is held down, use a finger to close the outlet port of the master cylinder. While the port is closed, have the helper release the brake pedal.
  7. Repeat this procedure until all air is bled from the master cylinder. Check the brake fluid in the reservoir every 4-5 times, making sure the reservoir does not run dry. Add clean DOT 3 brake fluid to the reservoir as needed. All air is bled from the master cylinder when the fluid expelled from the port is free of bubbles.
  9. Connect the brake tube to the port on the master cylinder. Add clean fluid to fill the reservoir to the appropriate level.