Miata 1990-1997



Power Antenna

Removal & Installation
  1. Remove the front side trim.
  3. Remove the undercover and loosen the nut and remove the hood release knob.
  5. Disconnect the negative battery cable. Locate the central processing unit which is part of the joint box. The joint box is attached to the driver's side wheel well in the engine compartment across from the brake power booster. Disconnect the connectors from the CPU. Release the locking clip using moderate finger pressure pull the unit from the joint box.
  7. Unplug the harness connectors from the joint box. Remove the joint box mounting bracket nut. Release the lock at the back of the joint box and remove the joint box.
  9. Below the steering column and air duct, you will find the antenna feeder connector. Disconnect the feeder wire from the plug. Disconnect the connector from the antenna motor.
  11. Remove the motor mounting bracket bolt and screws, and remove the antenna motor with the antenna mast. Slide the joint sleeve upward to disengage the motor from the mast.
  13. Connect a 12 volt battery and a ground wire to the R and W terminals of the motor service connector to operate the motor. Connect the negative cable to the W terminal and the positive cable to the R terminal. Carefully pull the cable from the motor housing with the motor running.
    Even if the mast is broken or missing, make sure that all the cable is fed from the motor.

  15. Remove the antenna base mounting screws and withdraw the antenna from the front pillar.
  17. A temporary protective cover is attached with tape to each new mast kit. The cover is there to protect the plastic rack cable and to make the installation easier. Before beginning the installation, extend the mast fully.
  19. Take the plastic protective cover and install it over the base of the mast to protect the plastic cable. Use the tape provided in the kit to hold the tube in place.
  21. Tape the antenna plug to the tip of the protector tube so that it will not be damaged or catch on body during installation.
  23. Insert the antenna mast into the roof opening and carefully and slowly feed it down at the same angle as the windshield pillar. When the mast is fully inserted into the windshield pillar, remove the plastic tube and pull the antenna lead inside the passenger compartment. Carefully feed the plastic rack cable into the motor housing. The serrated side of the cable must face toward the motor as shown in the illustration.
  25. Using the 12 volt battery, connect the positive lead to the W terminal and the negative lead to the R terminal on the antenna motor service connector. Operate the motor until all of the new cable is reeled into the motor housing.
  27. Push the mast base into the motor housing joint. When the mast is locked properly, a faint click will be heard. Jiggle the mast base back and forth a few times to verify that the base is locked properly.
  29. Check the operation of the antenna mast. The cable slack can be self adjusted by operating the motor a few times until the mast is fully extended. Complete the installation of the remaining components by reversing the removal procedure.