Miata 1990-1997



  1. Apply the parking brake. If equipped with automatic transmission, place the gearshift lever in P. If equipped with manual transmission, place the gearshift lever in neutral
  3. Start the engine and bring to normal operating temperature. Make sure all electrical loads are OFF
  5. Connect a tachometer and timing light to the IG terminal on the diagnostic connector.
    As the battery is located in the trunk, power for the timing light and tachometer is available at the blue, 1-pin power connector, located near one of the headlight door motors. Be careful not to ground the connector terminal as the 20A wiper fuse will be burned.

  7. Connect a jumper wire between the TEN and GND terminal of the diagnostic connector.
  9. Check the idle speed and adjust, if necessary. The idle speed should be 800-900 rpm.
  11. Aim the timing light at the timing scale on the timing belt cover and the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley. The timing should be 9-11 degrees BTDC if equipped with manual transmission or 7-9 degrees BTDC if equipped with automatic transmission.
  13. If the timing is not as specified, loosen the crank angle sensor lock bolt and turn the crank angle sensor to adjust. After adjustment, tighten the lock bolt to 19 ft. lbs. (25 Nm) and recheck the timing.
  15. Remove the jumper wire and the test equipment.