Mitsubishi Car 1999-05

Service Precautions


Before attaching or detaching the PCM harness connectors, make sure the ignition switch is OFF and the negative battery cable is disconnected to avoid the possibility of damage to the PCM.
When performing PCM input/output signal diagnosis, remove the pin terminal retainer from the connectors to make it easier to insert tester probes into the connector.
When attaching or detaching pin connectors from the PCM, take care not to bend or break any pin terminals. Check that there are no bends or breaks on PCM pin terminals before attempting any connections.
Before replacing any PCM, perform the PCM input/output signal diagnosis to make sure the PCM is functioning properly.
When measuring supply voltage of PCM-controlled components with a circuit tester, separate 1 tester probe from another. If the 2 tester probes accidentally make contact with each other during measurement, a short circuit will result and damage the PCM.