Mitsubishi Eclipse 1990-1998 Repair Guide

Fusible Links


Do not replace blown fusible links with standard wire. Only fusible type wire with Hypalon insulation can be used, or damage to the electrical system will occur!

A number of fusible links are used on these vehicles to protect wiring and electrical components. There is a collection of fusible links located near the battery. These are referred to as the main fuse links. A second group of links are located in the box with the dedicated fuses. If replacement of a fuse link is required, use the exact same link as removed.

When a fusible link blows it is very important to find out why. They are placed in the electrical system for protection against dead shorts to ground, which can be caused by electrical component failure or various wiring failures.

Do not just replace the fusible link to correct a problem!

When replacing all fusible links, they are to be replaced with the same type of prefabricated link available from your vehicle manufacturer.