Mitsubishi Eclipse 1990-1998 Repair Guide

Body Lubrication and Maintenance


Body hinges and latches should be lubricated as needed to maintain smooth operation of doors, hoods and latches. When required, lubricate the hood lock latch, door lock strikers, seat adjusters, liftgate lock and the parking brake control cable mechanism with multipurpose NLGI No. 2 (Lithium base) grease. Wipe area to be lubricated clean with a shop rag and inspect for damage or misalignment. Adjust the component, if required, prior to lubrication.

Keeping your vehicle clean extends the beauty and the life of your vehicle. When washing your car with high pressure car washing equipment or steam car washing equipment, be sure to stay back away from the vehicle. Be sure to maintain the spray nozzle at a distance of at least 12 in. (300mm) from any plastic parts and all opening parts such as doors, luggage compartment, hood, etc. Do not clean aluminum wheels with pressure or steam cleaners or damage to the finish will occur.