Mitsubishi Outlander 2003-06

Instrument Panel, Pad, and Dashboard


Instrument Panel

Removal & Installation

All vehicles are equipped with an air bag system. The system must be disabled before performing service on or around system components, steering column, instrument panel components, wiring and sensors. Failure to follow safety and disabling procedures could result in accidental air bag deployment, possible personal injury and unnecessary system repairs.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  5. Drain the cooling system. Discharge the air conditioning system.
  7. Disarm the air bag system.
    Wait at least 60 seconds before performing and work once the system is disarmed.

  9. Remove the floor console assembly.

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    Fig. Floor console and related components

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    Fig. Instrument panel and related components

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    Fig. Instrument panel retention clip locations

  11. Position the front wheels in the straight ahead position. Remove the steering wheel cover, located underneath the steering wheel.
  13. Remove the air bag module by sliding the clock spring connector and disconnecting it.
  15. Remove the steering wheel, using the proper removal tool. Remove the sub harness.
  17. Remove the steering column lower cover. Remove the clock spring and store it in a clean dry place.
  19. Remove the instrument panel clock garnish, center air outlet, clock, driver-s side garnish and meter bezel.
  21. Remove the combination meter. Remove the hood lock release handle. Remove the instrument panel parcel box.
  23. Disconnect the right side harness and junction block connection.
  25. Remove the instrument lower panel, left side air conditioning outlet and instrument lower panel bracket.
  27. Remove the instrument panel driver-s side bracket and knee absorber.
  29. If not previously removed, remove the steering column cover.
  31. Remove the air mix door cable, blow vent changeover damper cable connection, heater control switch assembly and air conditioning switch. Remove the knob.
  33. Remove the center panel. Remove the manual air conditioner control panel, if equipped.
  35. Remove the radio and box assembly. Remove the radio bracket. Remove the center lower panel cover.
  37. Remove the accessory socket, air bag cutoff switch indicator, seat belt indicator and center lower box.
  39. Remove the center lower cover, back bone spacer, glove box stopper and glove box.
  41. Remove the passenger-s side knee absorber. Remove the passenger-s side connector block. Remove the instrument panel side cover.
  43. Disconnect the DIN cable clamp, if equipped with amplifier, roof harness connection, ground cable, instrument panel and body harness connector, steering shaft harness connector and clamp, brake light switch harness connector, SRS-ECU harness connector and steering lock cable clamp.
  45. Remove the steering shaft cover installation bolt.
    The tilt lever should be in the lock position before the steering column shaft assembly is removed, and should remain in the locked position until it is reinstalled. If the steering column shaft assembly is removed with the tilt lever released, or the tilt lever is released after removal the assembly cannot be reinstalled correctly. If the assembly is installed incorrectly, the collision energy absorbing mechanism may be damaged.

  47. Ensure that the tilt lever is in the lock position. Remove the steering shaft mounting bolts. Remove the assembly from the vehicle.
  49. Remove the instrument panel assembly from the vehicle.
    Do not subject the SRS-ECU to any shocks when removing or installing the instrument panel.


To install:

  1. Installation is the reverse of the removal procedure.
  3. Ensure that the tilt lever is in the lock position. Install the steering column shaft.
    Do not release the tilt lever until the steering column shaft has been installed. Torque the retaining bolts 80-124 inch. lbs.

    When installing the clock spring, ensure that the mating marks are properly aligned. If not the steering wheel may not rotate completely during a turn, or the flat cable in the clock spring could be damaged. This would prevent normal SRS operation and possibly cause serious injury to the driver.

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    Fig. Steering column retaining bolt locations and torque sequence

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    Fig. Clock spring alignment marks

  5. Turn the front wheels to the straight ahead position. Then install the clock spring to the column switch.
  7. To align the mating marks of the clock spring, turn the clock spring counterclockwise fully. Then turn it back approximately 3-3/4 turns counterclockwise to align the mating marks.
    When installing the steering wheel, be sure that the harness of the clock spring does not become caught or tangled.

  9. Check and adjust all fluid levels.