Mitsubishi Outlander 2003-06

Charging the System


Use a suitable refrigerant recovery station to charge the refrigerant. Refer to the Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling Unit-s Instruction Manual for operation of the unit.

Too little oil will provide inadequate compressor lubrication and cause a compressor failure. Too much oil will increase discharge air temperature.

When a compressor is installed at the factory, it contains 140 cm3 (4.7 fl. oz) of refrigerant oil. While the A/C system is in operation, the oil is carried through the entire system by the refrigerant. Some of this oil will be trapped and retained in various parts of the system. When the following system components are changed, it is necessary to add oil to the system to replace the oil being removed with the component.

Type of compressor oil: SUN PAG 56

Quantity of compressor oil:

Evaporator: 60 cm3 (2.0 fl. oz)
Condenser: 15 cm3 (0.5 fl. oz)
Suction hose: 10 cm3 (0.3 fl. oz)