Mitsubishi Outlander 2003-06

Removal & Installation


Prior to removal of the steering gear box, center the front wheels and remove the ignition key. Failure to do so may damage the Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) clock spring and render SRS system inoperative.

  1. Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions Section.
  3. Drain the power steering system.
  5. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Battery negative cable. Insulate the cable end with high-quality electrical tape or similar non-conductive wrapping Wait at least 1 minute before proceeding.
    Heated Oxygen (HO 2 ) sensor and remove the front exhaust pipe

  7. Properly support the engine.

    Roll stopper mounting bolts and the 4 center member installation bolts. Remove the center member.
    Center member

  9. Remove the steering wheel, as follows:
    1. Pry the cover from the steering wheel.
    3. Detach the connector, and retainers, as necessary then remove the air bag module assembly
    5. Remove the steering wheel nut, then use a puller to remove the steering wheel.
    7. Detach the sub-harness.

  11. Remove the clock spring and put aside in a safe place.
  13. Remove the stabilizer link and lower control arm assembly.
  15. Remove or disconnect the following:

    Shaft cover
    Steering column shaft assembly and steering gear
    Tie rod end from the steering knuckle, using a suitable puller
    Rear roll stopper bolt
    Fluid return hose and return tube. Plug the hoses. Remove and discard the O-ring.
    Pressure hose connection and hose gasket

  17. Use a transaxle jack to support the crossmember, then remove the crossmember mounting nuts and bolts. Lower the crossmember with the rear roll stopper, stabilizer bar, return tube and steering gear.
  19. Remove the following from the crossmember.

    Rear roll stopper
    Joint cover grommet
    Steering extension
    Return tube
    Steering gear

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    Fig. Power steering gear and related components



To install:

  1. Install or connect the following:

    Steering gear into the vehicle. Tighten the bolts to 45-59 ft. lbs. (60-80 Nm)
    Crossmember to the vehicle with the return tube, joint cover grommet, steering extension and rear roll stopper. Tighten the crossmember assembly bolts to 30-44 ft. lbs. (39-59 Nm) and the nuts to 116-130 ft. lbs. (158-176 Nm).
    Pressure hose with a new gasket. Tighten the bolt to 37-47 ft. lbs. (50-64 Nm).
    Fluid return tube with a new O-ring
    Return hose connection
    Rear roll stopper connecting bolt
    Tie rod end to the steering knuckle
    Steering gear connecting bolt and steering column shaft assembly
    Shaft cover
    Stabilizer and lower control arm assembly
    Center member and roll stopper mounting bolts
    Front exhaust pipe and HO2 sensor, if removed
    Clock spring
    Steering wheel. Tighten the nut to 24-36 ft. lbs. (33-49 Nm).
    Attach the sub-harness
    Air bag module, retainer and electrical connector
    Cover to the steering wheel
    Wheels and connect the negative battery cable

  3. Refill the reservoir and bleed the system.
  5. Perform a front end alignment.