Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide



See Figures 1 through 8

On most models, the Vehicle Information Code Plate mounted on the firewall in the engine compartment holds the information as to which transmission the vehicle is equipped with. On the third line, labeled "Transmission", model is listed followed by a space, then either the axle ratio or the serial number is stamped following the space.

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Fig. Fig. 1: The transmission identification tag is located on the left side of the transmission-MA 904A, AW 372 and KM 148 transmissions

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Fig. Fig. 2: The AW 372 transmission identification tag breaks down into 5 categories of numbers

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Fig. Fig. 3: All of the Mitsubishi trucks and Monteros utilize the same type converter

There are five different possible automatic transmissions available for the Pick-ups and Monteros from 1983-95. The transmissions are the MA 904A, the AW 372, the KM148 (4WD), the R4AC1 and the V4AW2 or 3 (4WD). The MA 904A is the oldest transmission available, and was stock on the 1983-86 Monteros and Pick-ups. This transmission is actually a Chrysler Torqueflite transmission. The MA 904A transmission combines a torque converter and a fully automatic 3-speed gear system. The converter housing and transmission case are an integral aluminum alloy die casting. The transmission consists of two multiple disc clutches, an overrunning clutch, two servos and bands, and two planetary gear sets to provide three forward ratios and a reverse ratio. The common sun gear of the planetary gear sets is connected to the front clutch by a driving shell which is splined tot he sun gear and to the front clutch retainer. The hydraulic system consists of an oil pump, and a single valve body which contains all of the valves except the governor valve.

The AW 372, KM148 (4WD), R4AC1 and V4AW2 (and V4AW3) (4WD) are 4-speed units, consisting of a gear type oil pump, 3 multiple disc clutches, 3 one-way clutches, 4 multiple disc brakes and 2 planetary gear sets to provide 4 forward ratios and a reverse ratio. Fourth gear is a 0.668:1 overdrive range. The hydraulic control system provides fully automatic operation based on vehicle speed and throttle opening.

The KM148 and the V4AW2 (and V4AW3) incorporate a constant mesh type transfer case for use in 4WD vehicles. The transfer case has a high/low and a 2WD/4WD position. By operating the transfer control lever, running at 2WD high (2H), 4WD