Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide

Fusible Links



Every circuit in the car's electrical system is protected by a fuse or fusible link except the starter circuit. A melted fusible link or blown fuse indicates not a bad link, but a short circuit in a component, a grounded wire or an overload. Using the procedures found at the beginning of this section, you can isolate the component or area of the wiring that is drawing excessive current. You will usually find a defective component (motor or lamp socket) or a spot where motion between wiring and the body has rubbed insulation through and caused bare wiring to touch the body or a metal bracket or major drivetrain component.

Mitsubishi vehicles may have one or more fusible links. They appear to be short wires and are always located at the positive battery terminal. Additionally, there may be sub-links within particular high amperage circuits. They are simply unplugged and re-plugged to replace them, but you MUST be sure you are using a link of the same capacity. Excessive capacity in a link could result in a vehicle fire.