Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide

Idle-up Adjustment


See Figure 1

This procedure is only for Pick-up trucks equipped with air conditioning.

When doing this procedure, the following conditions should be met:

Cooling water temperature: 185-205°F (85-95°C)
All lights and accessories: OFF
Parking brake: applied
Vehicles with power steering: set tires in the straight ahead position to prevent the power steering pump from being loaded. Set the steering wheel in the stationary position.

  1. Make sure that the curb idle speed is within the specified speed and reset it by turning the idle speed adjusting screw, if necessary.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Nuts 1 and 2 must be loosened before adjusting the length of the vacuum actuator rod when adjusting the idle-up-A/C equipped 2.3L diesel Pick-ups

  1. Loosen nuts 1 and 2. Turn the adjuster to set the length of the vacuum actuator rod so that the end of the rod is positioned as shown in the illustration in relation to the accelerator lever. Retighten the two nuts.
  3. Turn the air conditioner switch on and off several times, then set it to the Off position and confirm that the rod and accelerator lever are not in contact with each other.
  5. Loosen the nut which secures the idle-up adjusting screw, adjust the engine speed to the specified speed by using the idle-up adjusting screw, and then retighten the nut. The idle-up engine speed should be 850-900 rpm.
  7. Turn the air conditioner on and off several times to check the vacuum actuator for operation (lever goes up and down).