Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide




See Figure 1

In all cases, the grille may be removed without removing other parts. Depending on the model, the grille is held by a variety of clips and screws. The problem is usually not removing the fittings but finding all of them. Raise the hood and look for screws placed vertically in the front metalwork. Small screws may be used to hold part of the grille.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Make certain to detach all retaining screws and clips before removing the front grille from the vehicle

Some grilles are retained by screws placed from the front. These will be black and hard to see in the recesses of the plastic. Most grilles incorporate plastic spring clips; these must be released correctly or they will break, becoming unusable. A narrow probe or small flat-tip prytool may be used to release the lock tabs.

When you think all the mounts and clips are removed, pull gently outward on the grille. If it is still retained anywhere, it will be immediately noticeable. Remove the attachment and remove the grille. Once fully released, the grill should almost come off unassisted; if anything but the lightest pull is required, it is most likely still attached.

When reinstalling, remember that the condenser or radiator is right behind the grille; be very careful not to damage anything with either the grille or any tools. Make sure any spring clips are properly engaged and install the mounting screws.