Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide

Front Wheel Bearing



See Figures 1 through 5

  1. Remove the front hub/rotor assembly from the steering knuckle as previously described.
  3. Remove the outer bearing from the hub. Remove the splash shield.
  5. Remove the nuts and bolts that attach the hub to the rotor and separate them. Clean out all of the old grease from the inside of the hub.
  7. The race for the outer bearing may be removed with a brass rod and mallet. Drive the race out from the inside but do not mar the inner surface of the hub.

Do not remove the bearing races if the same bearing is to be reused after cleaning or repacking. If a bearing is replaced, the race MUST be replaced. Don't use a new bearing on an old race.

  1. Use a seal puller on the back of the hub to remove the inner bearing seal.
  3. Once the outer bearing race is removed, flip the hub assembly over and tap the inner race out using the same procedure as with the outer race.

To install:
  1. Use bearing drivers of the proper size and drive the new races into the hub. Don't try to install the race with the brass rod; chances are high that the race will be crooked or damaged.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Front hub and brake rotor disassembly and assembly components-2WD and 4WD vehicles

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Fig. Fig. 2: Using a brass punch, tap out the outer bearing race first, then tap out the inner bearing race

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