Mitsubishi Pick-ups and Montero 1983-1995 Repair Guide

Steering Wheel



Vehicles Without Air Bags

See Figures 1 and 2

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery.
  3. Pull off the horn cover at the center of the wheel by grasping the upper edge with your fingers to release it. On some models the pad is screwed on from behind the wheel. Disconnect the horn wire connector.
  5. Remove the steering wheel retaining nut. Matchmark the relationship between the wheel and shaft.
  7. Screw the two bolts of a steering wheel puller into the wheel. Turn the bolt at the center of the puller to force the wheel off the steering shaft. Do not pound on the wheel to remove it, or the collapsible steering shaft may be damaged.
  9. Install the wheel and push it onto the shaft splines by hand far enough to start the retaining nut.
  11. Install the retaining nut and torque it to 30 ft. lbs. (40 Nm).
  13. Connect the horn wire and reinstall the horn pad. If it is the snap-on type, make sure all the clips are engaged.
  15. Connect the negative cable to the battery.

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Fig. Fig. 1: Some models have their horn pads retained with a screw located in the rear of the steering wheel

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Fig. Fig. 2: Use a puller to remove the steering wheel from the steering column-do not hammer on the steering column, it will damage the collapsible steering assembly

Vehicles With Air Bags

For steering wheel removal and installation procedures covering vehicles with a Supplemental Restraint System (SRS), refer to Chassis Electrical before proceeding. Chassis Electrical . The SRS is a potentiallly dangerous system to work on; read the warnings and precautions in

Before removing the steering wheel of a vehicle equipped with an air bag, read the Supplemental Restraint System precautions and disarming/arming procedures in Chassis Electrical .